LGI Waysafe

LGI Waysafe Illuminated Marking System

Waysafe offers a simple solution to a common problem for the emergency services, providing an illuminated cable that can be used to mark a safe evacuation route.

Safe Passage Engineering

Emergency Service Organisations work in extreme conditions which are a risk to lives. Having a safe evacuation route is essential to direct themselves or the rescued parties away from danger in a timely manner with a clear pathway... Offering a simple but effective solution, Waysafe Illuminated Cable can be quickly and efficiently used to mark a safe route or an area of danger below or above ground, in dark or low light and can even be used in water.

Product Range

Take a look at the extensive LGI Waysafe product range which features plug-in and portable illuminated cables for a wide range of applications

Battery Waysafe
Battery Waysafe

The standard battery-powered Waysafe system, which is significantly advanced compared to its closest competitor. With only a 5 mm diameter cable transmitting blue/green light along its length, the colour is highly visible at night and provides the safety and comfort factor for safe evacuation.

  • 5 mm diameter cable
  • Cables also available in red, lime green and orange
  • Illumination lengths from 50 m - 300 m
  • Illumination times for 8 - 30 hours per charge
110/240 V Waysafe
110 V/240 V

Developed specifically to accommodate the requirements of the construction and rail industry where equipment is recommended to be both portable and plug-in.

  • 5 mm diameter cable
  • Powered by 110 V external supply
  • Cables also available in red, lime green and orange
  • Illumination lengths from 50 m - 300 m
110 V Battery Backup Waysafe
110 V Battery Backup

The 110 V Battery Backup Waysafe provides the added advantage of up to 15 hours of battery backup should the power source fail. Most typically used on rail applications for a safe walking route, tracing and marking cables that run under tracks, demarcation of unexpected hazardous zones during early stages of project surveys and marking safe working areas adjacent to platforms and embankments.

  • 15 hours battery backup should the power source fail
  • Ideal for rail applications
Directional Waysafe
Directional Waysafe

The Directional Waysafe enables the user to give a visible indication as to the direction of travel, which is ideal when working in difficult terrain.

  • Ideal in dark or low light application to indicate direction of travel
  • Cables available in blue/green and orange illumination
  • Control option allows the user to change the direction, increase speed of direction and increase or decrease illumination levels
  • 5 mm diameter cable
110 V Directional Waysafe

Designed to accommodate the requirements of the construction and rail industry as both portable and plug-in power is essential.

  • Highly visible at night
  • Four standard illumination colours available: Blue/green, red, lime green and orange
  • Illumination lengths from 50 to 300 m
110 V Directional Battery Backup Waysafe

Ideal for marking and cordoning as the various controls allow the user to change direction, increase speed of direction and to increase or decrease the illumination levels and a flash mode to enhance the visibility.

  • Up to 15 hours battery backup should the power source fail
  • When plugged into power source, internal batteries will automatically recharge
  • Illumination lengths from 50 to 300 m
Powerpack Waysafe

Allows control over illumination in terms of when the cable can be illuminated, the mode of illumination (either static or flashing) and the duration of the illumination time. The Powerpack Waysafe has all the capability of the standard battery Waysafe but contained in an IP67 carry case.

  • Control over various elements of the cables illumination
  • Housed in IP67 Carry Case
  • Can also be supplied as a directional version
  • Illuminated cable is supplied on a drum which simply connects to the case
  • Have one single powerpack but any number of drums of coloured illumination material which can be plugged in as and when required
Submersible Waysafe

The submersible Waysafe was developed as a solution for having a clear underwater reference point. The unit can be submerged to a depth of 200 m where it can then be illuminated. The Waysafe Submersible Systems signify a clear advance in underwater marking technology as its simple and speedy deployment reduces time and allows a visible route to safety.

The system comes equipped with a cable drum and rechargeable power pack which contains all electronics, switching and recharging capability, as well as a pressure safety valve and a leak tight connector for the cable.

The Submersible Waysafe is ideal for Search and Rescue Teams, Marine Diving Units, Police Dive Units and Salvage Companies.

  • 50, 100, 200 and 300 m cables available
  • Illumination material is 5 mm in diameter
  • Fitted with watertight male connector and wrist strap
  • Colours available including lime green, blue/green, red, orange and white
  • 4-7 hours illumination on the 50 m cable depending on which mode is used (Static/flash)
Illuminated B.A. Line

The Illuminated B.A. Line is suitable for use in low light, dark or smoke-filled environments either internally or externally enabling the user to mark a safe route. This 60 M unit is contained within its own bag which can be worn by the user so the cable can be pulled from the bag and tied off as usual.

  • Contained within its own bag
  • Fitted with indicators which are fixed on the cable, in the rare event where power was lost, the user could follow the cable using the same procedure that us currently employed
110 V Battery Backup Powerpack

An alternative solution to the standard battery powered

powerpack, the backup version is ideal for when extended

illumination times are required.

  • Suitabe for both static and directional versions
  • Housed in an IP65 rated case
  • Illuminated cable supplied on a drum which simply plugs into the case