Extrication tools' role in rescues

Extrication tools' leading role in rescue

Extrication is an extremely complex discipline which requires a high level of skill, knowledge and understanding in order to ensure a safe and successful outcome. In the past 25 years the demands on the rescuer and the expectations placed upon them has changed beyond all recognition.

While basic extrication techniques haven’t massively changed, rescuers have had to refine their skills to face up to the newer, more challenging situations as the materials and technologies used in vehicles and buildings become more complex and robust.

The role of the rescuer has also had to expand, and as a consequence the use of hydraulic rescue equipment has broadened. The use of hydraulics to cut, spread, squeeze or lift is now also well established in disciplines such as urban search and rescue, mine rescue and specialist operations within the Special Forces around the world. For this reason, some of the most popular rescue tools have migrated into this field of operations and likewise some specialist equipment that has been designed for niche markets is now used routinely by rescuers worldwide.

The ever changing role of extrication tools to assist rescues from commercial or small spaces, firefighting, and vehicle extrication of crash victims is well recognised by Vimpex the UK’s leading specialist supplier of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Safety Equipment, Technical Rescue products and Lighting and Power Solutions to the Paramedic, Rescue, Police, Military and associated markets.

Ogura hydraulic cutting, spreading and lifting tools 

Ogura was the first manufacturer in the World to develop a full range of truly portable. lightweight, battery-powered hydraulic cutting, spreading and lifting tools. They are proven field-proven across the World and are used by search & rescue teams, police and ,military for a wide range of applications where portability, access and speed of deployment are vital.

Established in 1928 as a manufacturer of industrial products, Ogura has a long history of developing extremely reliable and hard working hydraulic tools for the construction, fabrication and metal working industry. In 1999 Ogura applied their knowledge of industrial hydraulics to the rescue and emergency services market to produce the first generation HRS Modular System. The range has now matured into an extensive series of tools including Forced Entry (MOE), Vehicle & Confined Space Extrication, Urban Search and Rescue, Vehicle Self-Rescue, Remote Decommissioning, Protestor Release, Aerial Response, Rapid Response RTC Vehicles.

Paratech Heavy Rescue tools and equipment

From vehicle lifting and stabilisation to whole building shoring, Paratech products outperform competitors’ offerings when measured on ease of use, durability, flexibility and a lifetime guarantee. Paratech specialises in tools for technical rescue, but has also developed products that are used in applications for shipboard damage control, pipeline, mining, rail, quarries, vehicle maintenance and recovery.

Paratech’s Multiforce lifting bags are used by Fire & Rescue Services across the UK for lifting dangerous loads. Smart design ensures that this system can get into the tightest spaces, while the innovative remote lifting base allows personnel to operate the device at a safe distance from the load.

Established in 1994, Vimpex produces and distributes a range of high quality Evacuation, Signalling and Building Infrastructure System products - both Vimpex manufactured and supplied by the company’s manufacturing partners. The company is a trusted supplier to many public sector bodies including 15 of the 17 UK’s NHS Ambulance Trusts, UK Fire & Rescue and several Police Constabularies. Vimpex staff are trained in the demonstration, service and repair of all tools and equipment we sell. We are the European warranty repair and service agent for all Ogura rescue and industrial tools.