New strategic alliance between LHD Group and Vimpex Announced

An exciting new strategic partnership between LHD Group and Vimpex has been announced today, bringing together one of Europe's leading PPE personal protective apparel manufacturers and the UK's leading specialist supplier of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) & Rescue Equipment to form a new powerful alliance that will deliver the highest levels of quality, service and protection to the UK's fire fighting services.

Vimpex Managing Director James Jones says "LHD's enviable repuation for high quality PPE and product expertise across the UK, combined with Vimpex's established infrastructure capabilities, plus our expertise in sales, service and support, will bring new standards in product performance, deliver and support to the UK market". James continues "This partnership agreement is a real step forward for Vimpex as it will complete our 'head to toe' PPE solution for the UK's emergency service teams across the public and private sector".

LHD Group COO Daniel von Chamier says that "this strategic alliance between our two companies is a result of our enhanced commitment to the UK market, building on recent successes to further develop a robust UK infrastructure in support of our high quality, market-leading personal protective apparel to ensure the health, safety and performance of the UK's fire fighting communities."

Spearheading the product offering will be LHD's innovative Kinetic Structural Firefighting Suit and Particulate Blocking Flash Hood, evidencing a critical element of product differentiation against cheaper, inferior substitute products. Weight-saving design, functional tailoring and state-of-the-art materials, deliver a new level of protection and ergonomics in fire-fighting protective clothing.

Established in 1994, Vimpex is the UK's leading specialist supplier of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) & Safety Equipment, Technical Rescue products and Lighting and Power Solutions to the Paramedic, Rescue, Police, Military and associated markets. Vimpex only sells products it can support, repair and maintain, with long warranties which are fully supported by Vimpex.

The LHD Group Deutschland GmbH is a system partner providing holistic solutions and products in the professional and protective clothing sectors. Whether uniforms or turn-out gear, personal protective apparel, workwear or corporate fashion, functionality, quality and a high level of wearing comfort are the benchmarks for modern and safe outfits.