Voice Evacuation Systems: The message is clear!

A growing number of UK schools are being exposed to major incidents or threats of violence on their premises. As this trend sadly continues it’s not just schools that need to have a robust Organisation Lockdown Alert System in place should an event occur; medical and healthcare facilities, manufacturing facilities, offices and any public buildings could benefit from such systems.

Dynamic Lockdown Alert System

Many organisations use a fire bell or sounder to double up for a host of alerts from school class to factory shift changes, as well as emergency situations such as evacuation and lockdown. Using the same or similar alarm sounds for a range of different alert scenarios can be confusing to building occupants. Is it the fire alarm? An emergency exit alarm? Or a public safety alert?

It also goes against government recommendations for lockdown procedures. In the event of a possible violent intruder on the premises, the last thing any organisation wants is people streaming out of buildings and gathering outside at assembly points. A Dynamic Lockdown Alert System ensures that an emergency message can be broadcast over multiple floors and even multiple buildings simultaneously, so occupants across the whole premises are able to react instantly.

Whilst NACTO recommend that the use of fire alarms should be avoided to reduce chances of a incorrect response to an incident, the infrastructure of fire alarm systems can be particularly useful for the sending of secure and fully monitored messaging.

Existing cabling can be used to either support a separate lockdown system or the existing alarm devices can be retrofitted with voice sounders able to broadcast fire, class change and lockdown messages in one product. There is also the added benefit of having a system that is fully monitored, battery backed up in cases of power failure, fully serviced, with sound outputs designed to existing British standards such BS5839-1 for good coverage.

Voice evacuation systems: The message is clear

Vimpex’s Fire-Cryer Plus offers a simple, fully synchronised and cost-effective voice evacuation solution. Whether retro-fitted into an existing installation or as part of a new system design, the four unique Fire-Cryer Plus models can be fully integrated into the fire alarm system and work on a conventional two-wire bell circuit. With multiple sounder circuit synchronisation, up to seven pre-recorded messages are available in a single sounder, a fire alarm system can be expanded to include inputs for a range of alerts or announcements; bomb alerts, terrorist threats, coded warnings, water leakage alerts, class change announcements, system tests, ‘all clear’ announcements, machinery shut down warnings, health and safety reminders, general alert messages, and of course ‘fire’ alarm messages.

Vimpex’s Fire-Cryer is a very versatile product, both able to be used as a drop-in replacement for basic tone sounders or as part of a sophisticated engineered solution. When specified as a multi-message system, the Fire-Cryer has been used extensively in Schools (for both fire, lockdown and class change), shopping malls, museums, London Underground and a raft of mixed use residential, retail and commercial spaces.

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