Quality Policy Statement 

It is the Policy of Vimpex Ltd. to have in place Quality Systems which ensure that the Company: 

  • supplies to its customers products which conform to their stated or agreed specifications 
  • meets Statutory and Regulatory requirements 
  • meets the needs and expectations of its customers 
  • strives to continually improve its performance. 

Vimpex Ltd. and its staff recognise that meeting customer expectations, and achieving a superior level of customer service, are fundamental to the Company’s continued success. 

In order to achieve its objectives, the Company has implemented Quality Systems which satisfy the requirements of ISO9001. The Company is committed to the operation of its Quality Systems, with the full co-operation of adequately trained staff. 

The Company has established Quality Objectives aimed at improving the business and it is expected that all members of staff will work towards meeting the objectives (detailed in section 3). 

The Quality Systems of the Company are documented in this Manual, which includes all procedures and work instructions. Forms used to apply the quality system are included in Appendix A. 

The Quality Policy of Vimpex Ltd shall be implemented by the strict observance of the authorised Manual. It shall be reviewed for continuing suitability at regular intervals through the Management Review Meetings.